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It's a place of horse-drawn carriages and covered bridges. Of riverboat cruises and world-famous chicken dinners. Of big waterparks and small-town strolls. So when we need to simplify the agenda, when we need to spend the whole day with our kids instead of just hearing about it right before bed, stop by and feel the warm welcome of Frankenmuth, where you are sure to find the simple joys of life. There are many reasons Frankenmuth is known as "Michigan's Little Bavaria," and the German food is just one of them. The charming Bavarian architecture, German church services and festivals enhance the complete cultural experience. Another German-inspired favorite in Frankenmuth includes the beautiful cascading flowers and landscapes. Frankenmuth didn't just decide to become a German themed community as many may think. The roots of the community run deep as Frankenmuth was founded in 1845 by a group of 15 German-Lutheran missionaries who came to the area to teach Christianity to the native Chippewa Tribe. Many also wonder where the name Frankenmuth came from and it's actually a blend of two words. 'Franken' depicts the province from which the settlers came and 'Muth" means courage in German, which translates to "courage of the Franconians." B AVA R I A MICHIGAN'S LITTLE Bavarian Inn Lodge | 3 1-800-FUN-TOWN

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