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Bridget Smith City Manager City of Frankenmuth Jamie Furbush President/CEO Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau Adele Martin Superintendent Frankenmuth School District Contributors Welcome to the April issue of the Frankenmuth Community Bulletin! This collaborative publication will be published four times a year and mailed directly to homes in the Frankenmuth School District as well as members of the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce/CVB. The Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce, City of Frankenmuth and Frankenmuth Schools have a unique and very collaborative relationship. This newsletter is a reflection of those endeavors. While sharing the distinct happenings in each area, we'll also highlight how we work together to make Frankenmuth a better place to live, play and learn. Features 4 Notes from the City 10 Frankenmuth Historic District 11 The Frankenmuth Levee 12 Our Schools Are Pretty Cool 16 Chamber, CVB, Visitor Center, Oh My! 18 Local Support Provides Local Support 20 Membership Directory 59 Frankenmuth Sale Fest Sign Up Form 2

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